Stanley's reef is a nesting of pipe, contoured to form a classic "Y" shaped reef. Swell energy is focused onto both sides of the "Y" creating both a left and right breaking wave. Sand will be trapped by the shoreward side of the reef and adhered to the reef due to the porosity of the structure.

Shoreward Aerial view of reef

The conjoining portion of the "Y" reef will meet the oncoming swell energy first and organize the energy into a breaking wave. This shoaling structure will cause wave

energy to be released at a greater distance from shore, reducing the risk of beach erosion and structure damage due to wave action near shore.
Shoreward view close-up of reef
Left to right, Shoreward to seaward view of left side (left wave breaking side) of reef

Seaward to shoreward view of right side (right wave breaking side) of reef

This view displays the right side of the reef, again creating a breaking wave releasing energy that would otherwise erode and damage coastline beaches and structures.

Seaward view right and left legs of reef

This view shows the shoreward end of the reef, looking seaward. This perspective provides a detailed look at the "legs" of the reef, running at angles from the conjoining portion of the reef. The "legs" release wave energy at angles running from the conjoining "Y" to produce left and right breaking waves. Sand will accumulate shoreward of the stucture and fill in-between the pipes.

Please see the technical page for more detailed information regarding the Reef materials, construction and deployment.

Stanley's Reef Foundation is a Non Profit Organization.

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