Stanley's Reef Foundation (SRF), was created in 1992 when a volcano took out a dozen surf spots on the big island of Hawaii. Could lost surf spots be replaced? SRF's mission is to create a surfable wave using environmentally sound materials and methods. The Foundation maintains the belief that an artificial reef should be both safe and removable. High Density Polyethylene pipe is the inert safe building block for this modular reef that has been developed over the last 10 years.

The flexible design of the reef affords almost unlimited shape potential and practicality as the reef will be built on land and

towed to the location. The pipes, or "legs" , are used for both floatation and ballast. The removable reef will be parked on the chosen site and anchored like a boat. The reef must be built to the relative specifications of the site as it relates to the variable beach slope, given swell direction and typical wave lengths of any area. The proposed reef will not only bring back waves by creating a wave speed bump with a right and left slide, it will transfer the wave energy off the beach and allow for sand to build up behind the reef structure. Designed to be removed as a demonstration project, the reef can be removed by filling the pipes with air. We do not believe there will be any reason to remove the reef.
It can become a living reef. Key agencies agree that if it works, and there are no adverse affects, the reef can stay. The increased beach width would be a benefit to the Stanley's / Oil Piers area. Abalone habitats have been

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designed and tested. SRF wants to encourage the return of the extensive kelp beds with help from other non profits, universities and individuals. Section 227 is a specific section of the National Shoreline Erosion Control and Demonstration Program. SRF has applied to be one of the innovative private technologies that will be tested in the United States. This technology has been selected as a finalist in this federal project approved by Congress. SRF is waiting for the letter of approval to start. Permits take approximately one year to receive.

Stanley's Reef Foundation is a Non Profit Organization.

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