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New Release/ for Immediate Delivery…January 17, 2002

Stanley's Reef Foundation, www.stanleysreef.org is honored to have the world renowned four-time world surfing champion, author, and legend Nat Young, www.natyoung.com representing the foundation's vision of restoring lost surf spots and discovering environmentally sound ways to create even more quality waves for our surfing culture.

Global warming is causing the world's sea level to rise significantly--even within the next 20 years. SRF¹s advanced reef technology will help prevent erosion by making waves break offshore instead of crashing full-force into our fragile beaches and cliffs.

Artificial reefs also retain our most precious resource, sand--the lifeblood of our coastal lifestyle and tourist industry. Rivers are the primary source of sand. Most rivers have been dammed preventing the natural flow of sand to the sea. Man-made jetties and groins hamper the sideways movement of sand and starve down-shore beaches.


Current beach enhancement involves transporting sand from one area to another at great expense. SRF's technology will help protect this investment by preserving both introduced and natural sand. Offshore reefs have minimal negative effects such as the down-shore starvation typical with groins and jetties.

Stanley's Reef, named from the ex-surf spot Stanley's Diner that was destroyed by construction of a freeway overpass, has defined its efforts with a strict environmental criteria of its own. A panel of renowned university experts, selected by the mandate of a federal act of Congress to find innovative technology to help manage active shore erosion, has selected our technology to be demonstrated in Ventura County.

Experts hired by the oil company concluded that the waves would not be affected upon removal of the Ventura Oil Piers so the agencies involved decided not to worry about any possible outcome. The then Lt. Governor Grey Davis, noted the importance of surfing in California. He promised to commit his staff to shepherd any nonprofit group with technology to restore lost surf spots through the permitting process.

Surfing was destroyed at the Ventura Oil Piers--just as it was at Stanley¹s Reef a hundred yards down the beach in 1970. The Stanley's Reef Foundation is now notifying the Governor of the

outcome and reminding him about his promise to help new surf-restoration technology get through the permitting process. SRF is requesting a meeting with Governor Grey Davis to ask him to help us gain support from every state agency to match the federal support in order to expedite the process to bring back the waves to this area and demonstrate SRF's artificial reef technology.

The Surfrider Foundation, the County of Ventura and its Board of Directors, BEACON, The Longboard Coalition, Groundswell Society, Channel Islands Marine Resource Institute & other non-profit groups support a test of the SRF technology.

Nat Young is here in the USA to let everyone know it's good to bring back the waves we've lost as well as to create new surf spots. He'll be traveling the USA with his family surfing with his many friends up and down the coast. Nat's comments in the soulful new Taylor Steel/Chris Mallory movie "Shelter" talk of a larger world vision. His philosophy includes progressive investigations of technology such as that used by Stanley's Reef Foundation to create waves. This effort benefits all surfers. Others notable surfers who actively support Stanley's are the Malloy brothers, Tim Curran, Sean Hayes, Rob Machado and Kelley Slater. Legends, besides Nat Young who support wave farming include Y (Tom Morey), Mickey Munoz, Paul Strauch, LJ Richards, and Rabbit Kekai.

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