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The Stanley's Reef Foundation is a non-profit organization. The Foundation was founded in Hawaii and is dedicated to replenishing lost ecological habitats and surfing resources along our world's coastlines.

Ventura California lost such resources in 1970. State Highway Engineers routed the new Hwy 101 Freeway extension over the ocean at a location next to the small beach community of Sea

Cliff. The site was known to customers, beach goers and surfers as Stanley's Diner. The beach was a fragile mix of sand

and small cobblestone, fed
by small streams. The beach, waves and ecosystem were destroyed by the overpass. Boulders were dropped into the surf creating the elevated 101 freeway ramps driven on today. Stanley's Reef Foundation wants to establish a new ecosystem replacing the one lost over 30 years ago.

North of Stanley's Diner was a series of Oil Piers creating fun peaky waves. This Pier system was removed in 1998 as the oil had been depleted. The quality waves in the area and the ecosystem that did exist are gone. Stanley's Reef Foundation proposes that this area
represents an ideal place for reef testing to begin. It is our belief that the implementation of our reef system would return to the area the invaluable ecosystems and surfing areas that were lost.


This is the immediate goal of the Stanley's Reef Foundation. Imagine more surf, more fish and marine invertebrate habitat with bountiful kelp beds offshore. The technology exists. Stanley's Reef Foundation is dedicated to this future reality.

Stay tuned, the best is yet to come.

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Stanley's Reef Foundation is a Non Profit Organization.

- 10/07/2008

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